Creating long-term labor solutions for women in severe poverty

LONA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation based in San Francisco, California. We seek to empower impoverished women by creating lasting employment opportunities that promote self-sufficiency and independence.


We believe that skills training and jobs are absolutely necessary to break the cycle of poverty that many women are trapped in.

We are currently seeking partnerships and opportunities for job-creation projects that will allow us to help impoverished women regain their lives and independence.

Investing in women is the single most effective solution to many of the world's problems, such as poverty and war. 

Here are a few simple statistics:


Globally, women reinvest up to 90% of what they make back into their communities and families.


According to The United Nations, economies in the developing world grow by three percent for every 10% increase in the number of women who receive secondary schooling.


The potential increase in labor activity for many countries if barriers to employment were eliminated for women.