New Name

As most of you know, Women United Clothing has been my all-consuming passion for the past few years. It has been the answer to the nagging I’ve felt in my heart to find a practical way to empower women who are suffering the most.  Over the past year, this dream has become a reality. With every new board member that has joined us, our organization takes more and more shape.  Our board has expanded to include incredible and driven women that truly amaze me.

There will be many more updates and exciting news in the near future, but for now, I want to share our new name.  We are transitioning from Women United Clothing to LONA.  The English meaning of LONA is "lioness ready for battle".  In Spanish LONA means "canvas". While LONA embodies a lioness ready for battle, a blank canvas is what we hope to give the women we serve.

As you know, we are fundraising for a job-creation project that will employ survivors of sex-trafficking in Ecuador. These women are the definition of grit, strength and resilience. They have suffered so much abuse and HAVE experienced horrors we can't even imagine - but they have SURVIVED! These are women who don't give up, and they don’t need charity or pity. They need the resources and skills to move forward.

One of the most pressing issues for women escaping sex-trafficking is access to vocational training and legal employment.  We seek to address this issue with our job creation project- a fair-trade factory in Quito, Ecuador. LONA will teach these survivors the necessary sewing and tailoring skills to work in the factory, and provide livable wages and a safe work environment. We want these women to feel self-sufficient and dignified, and pass this new lifestyle on to their children and the generations that follow.

Please stay tuned for more information about our project and how you can get involved!

Amanda Fulford