Love from LONA

Love from LONA is our way of supporting organizations that identify with LONA's mission to empower women through projects that foster self-sufficiency and independence.

We support organizations who believe economic opportunity is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and exploitation of impoverished women. As we continue to develop our own partnerships, we use our events and resources to support other organizations.

Here at LONA, we believe we are stronger together. 


We have partnered with local Bay Area nonprofit, ANNIE CANNONS, to offer human trafficking survivors the economic opportunity needed to sustain a lifetime of freedom.

In a supportive, trauma-informed work environment, AnnieCannons trains survivors of human trafficking in technical skills through a 6-month coding bootcamp, and then helps graduates build a sustainable source of income by sourcing project-based work through their development shop. Their focus on both training and curating income opportunities makes them unique among survivor organizations.

LONA fundraises specifically for a graduate from the AnnieCannons coding bootcamp to become the teaching assistant at Annie Cannons. We feel very strongly about supporting this graduate as she takes her newly learned skills and pays it forward to other survivors of trafficking. Nothing is more powerful than using your skills to improve the lives of others, and we are so thrilled to help enable this by raising funds that will provide her a well-deserved, competitive salary as an employee of AnnieCannons.