LONA Grantee - Healthcare Pilot for Spice Farm Workers in India

San Francisco


Sana is the founder of Diaspora, Co., a queer, woman-of-color owned business that aims to put money, equity and power into the hands of Indian farmers. Sana founded Diaspora Co. after realizing the popularity of spices like turmeric in the US and seeing an opportunity to put profits back into the hands of the farmers themselves.

Diaspora Co. partners with the Indian Institute of Spice Research to license single-variety heirloom spices from farmers across India. Diaspora Co. guarantees to buy a farmer’s full crop at a predetermined price that is equitable for the farmer and allows them to pay living wages to their workers.

LONA partnered with Sana to fund a Healthcare Pilot for farm laborers in India. After a recent trip to India, Sana met a laborer who was diagnosed with cancer. She learned that many laborers do not have routine doctor visits because they are afraid of what they may find out and do not want to miss work. We believe that by providing routine healthcare to laborers - the majority of whom are women - we can help create an environment of health and economic stability that will positively impact the greater community for generations to come.