Our Team


Amanda Fulford

Co-Founder & CEO

LONA was created out of my desire to find practical solutions for women who are suffering.  I believe that all people deserve to live a life of dignity and autonomy.  My dream is to empower women with the skills they need to be self-reliant and independent.


Amy Gragnolati

Co-Founder & COO

I believe in every woman and girl's ability to transform her own life regardless of the hand she has been dealt. I am passionate about creating opportunities for women that embolden them to live their most fulfilling life.


Lauren Lindroos


I believe that empowering women empowers everyone. I joined LONA because I am passionate about helping women achieve their hopes, dreams and desires regardless of their current socioeconomic situation. As the queen of Jordan, Rania al Abdullah, once said, “Educate a woman and you educate her family. Educate a girl and you change the future.” 


Tashmin Ali


I am involved in LONA because I believe that every woman has a right to decent employment and self-sufficiency. By providing resources, education and job opportunities for women who need it most, LONA addresses a critical need for exploited women who would otherwise be stuck in a cycle of poverty.


Kelsey Carter

Events & Community Outreach Chair

I believe with access to the right resources, every woman has the power to change her life. LONA provides women with the opportunity they need to unleash their full potential.